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Regionals & Spring Quarter

After a long and tough day March 13th, 2011 at our very own Stonegate Farm for Regionals, Ohio University Equestrian Team is proud to announce that we will be taking four riders to Zones at Otterbein in April!

You may know Junior Sara Dziegielewski for several reasons. She’s our team Secretary for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school year, she’s been a dominating figure in the Open division for the past two years, and this year she captured the Zone 6 Region 2 Cachionne Cup! She competed in Regionals in the Open Fences division and put in a beautiful course, winning the class and securing her place at Zones! A huge congratulations to Sara on all her work so far this year!

Senior Hallie Seiser is known for being funny and our team safety officer, but she is also a beautiful rider. Her and her horse Ralph have come a long way in the four years she has been on the team and she is now competing with him outside of IHSA in the 3’6 classes at ‘A’ shows. After a very tough class in Intermediate Fences, she placed 2nd, paving her way to Zones, and hopefully Nationals this April!

OUET has many dedicated riders, but none more so than Freshman Anna Duble. She has made it a point to take more lessons, compete at more shows outside of IHSA, and work harder on her riding than any other member of the team. It has paid off well! Anna soared through Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter, winning class after class and making it look incredibly easy. At Regionals, she qualified in the first split to Finals, and excitedly mounted Flagg for the Finals class. After riding Flagg and switching horses with teammate Katie Martin and getting a chance to ride one of her favorites, Zen, Anna took 2nd and will make a very promising d├ębut at Zones!

Last, but certainly not least, is Junior Katie Martin. If you recognize her name, it’s because Katie Martin will not only be Vice President of the team next year, but she is also the current reigning National Champion in Walk/Trot. Katie’s riding has always been one step ahead of her competition, and Regionals was no different for her. She made the first split of her class look simple, easily making it into Finals on a horse she has regularly ridden in shows outside of IHSA, Avis. There she drew a horse she has also shown outside of IHSA, Zen. Clicking as usual, Katie was asked to switch with Anna riding Flagg. The judge switched these two for a reason, she had them placed 1st and 2nd! Katie rode Flagg beautifully, winning the Walk/Trot/Canter class and will be making yet another trip to Zones as an individual this year!

OUET is so very proud of these talented riders, our teammates and we cannot wait to see how they fare at Zones!

After Regionals, it is tradition for the year’s officers to hand off their responsibilities to the new officers. Junior Stephanie Framer will now be taking over the responsibilities of President and Senior Brittany Smith. Junior Katie Martin will now be handling Vice Presidential duties of Senior Kari Besler. Junior Megan Chalk takes over handling money and the Treasurer position of Senior Rachel Saunders. Senior Katie Montgomery is handing over the Community Service and Fundraising reins to Sophomore Chrissy Hunley.

And Sophomore Carly Klose will now be taking over for me, Senior Beckee Milton as Public Relations Chair. This marks my last post as an officer, and I am proud to hand over the blog, Twitter, Facebook, and webpage to Carly. Expect to hear a new voice when reading about OUET; Carly will do an amazing job keeping readers updated about OUET activities, horses, and riders! These last four years have been an incredible journey. I’ve met my best friends, ridden great horses, and shared experiences with an unforgettable team. There is nothing in the world that can compare to the fun, talent, and dedication of the OUET and it will be the thing I miss most about Ohio University when I graduate this Spring. I am in awe of how many genuine and fun people are on this team, and their passion for the sport, horses, and for each other is unrivaled by anyone else. I wish best of luck to all my teammates in the coming years, I know you guys will continue to amaze and wow the country and our school.

February 27-28 Otterbein Results

It was quite a long weekend, especially considering it was our last regular season show. The weather was chilly, but sunny skies kept us warm. Otterbein’s facility was beautiful, with a long arena, plenty of bleachers, easy to see view, and a warm, comfortable lounge with concessions. Below are the results for the Saturday and Sunday.

Open Fences Saturday was full of beautiful rides. Sara Dziegielewski was going into Sunday in 3rd place for Cacchione Cup. She was seven points behind the leader and three points behind 2nd place. This weekend would be critical for Sara if she was going to bring the title back to OU. After putting in a very impressive round, the judge called back Sara and Miami University Cacchione Rider(in 2nd place), Jamie Donovan to switch horses and complete an alternative course. After both riders completed their course, Jamie was placed 2nd, and Sara won! This put Sara tied with OSU rider Lauren Cechini with 46 points, and Jamie Donovan with 47 points!

In Intermediate Fences, Junior Emily Laurel placed 6th and Senior Hallie Seiser placed 4th, pointing her into Open Fences!

For the first section of Novice Fences, Sophomore Chrissy Hunley and Junior Katie Martin both drew impressive and fun horses. After putting together beautiful courses, Katie Martin placed 3rd, and Chrissy Hunley won! In the second section, Freshman Molly Hill placed 4th!

There were two Open Flat splits, with three OU riders in each one. For the first split, Senior Lauren Huefner placed 4th, and Senior Brittany Smith placed 2nd! In the 2nd split, Junior Emily Laurel placed 2nd, her first Open Flat class ever! Sara Dziegielewski was also in this class, placing 6th after her horse took a giant leaping buck through the arena, which Sara should be credited with riding through! After the flat phase, Cacchione points stood as follows: Lauren Cechini(OSU) – 49 points; Jamie Donovan(MU) – 49 points; Sara Dziegielewski(OU) – 47 points. The race would be this close Sunday as well!

There were also only two sections of Intermediate Flat. In the first section, Junior Stephanie Framer (and President next year) placed 5th, and Sophomore Carly Klose, [in her first Intermediate] class took 1st! In another very tough class, Sophomore Danielle King took 3rd and Senior Kari Besler won!

After four sections of Novice Flat, Senior Lisa Bernheim took 5th, Freshman Amy Allen placed 4th, and Junior Katie Martin placed 2nd!

Again with four sections, Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter held 8 OU riders. Freshman Sara Katula placed 3rd, Freshman Emily Neely placed 2nd, Freshman Jenna Martin placed 6th, Freshman Lauren Carton placed 4th, Junior Courtnee Blake placed 4th (pointing her into Novice!), Freshman Samm Kitchen placed 3rd, and Freshman Anna Duble won, putting her into Novice!

In Walk-Trot, OU only had one rider. Freshman Alyssa Bower drew a sweet Thoroughbred named Glenn and walked away with a 4th place!

OU placed 3rd for the day, but it was a long day and competition was tough!

On Sunday, we enjoyed 50 degree weather after a great night’s sleep at Brittany Smith and Aleesha Tartell’s homes. We thank their parents for having us crazy girls!

Open Fences was first, with the Cacchione Cup up for grabs in our Region! After a VERY tough round, Sara Dziegielewski placed 4th, leaving point standings at: Lauren Cechini (OSU) – 56 points; Sara Dziegielewski (OU) – 50 points; Jamie Donovan (MU) – 47 points. It was going to come down to flat to decide a winner!

In Intermediate Fences, Junior Stephanie Framer, in her first Intermediate Fences class, placed 5th, Junior Emily Laurel took 3rd, and Senior Lauren Huefner placed 2nd!

After two uneventful Novice Fences classes, Junior Megan Chalk places 4th and Senior Lisa Bernheim places 3rd! Great job ladies!

Cacchione Cup came down to the two splits of Open Flat. Sara Dziegielewski was in a different split than the other two riders, and it may have been the key. Senior Brittany Smith placed 5th, and Senior Lauren Huefner won, playing great defense and further cementing her skill in Open Flat. Neither Lauren nor Jamie placed in the class, leaving Sara needing to win her section of Open Flat to capture Cacchione! It was a very good class as well with Junior Emily Laurel placing 6th, Senior Hallie Seiser placing 5th, and Junior Sara Dziegielewski WINNING the class and capturing her first Cacchione Cup! We have been so excited since it happened and cannot wait to cheer her on at Nationals in May.

Again there were only two sections of Intermediate Flat this day. Freshman Carly Klose placed 4th, Sophomore Maddie Ray placed 6th, and Junior Stephanie Framer won! Congratulations!

Today there were 5 sections of Novice Flat with 7 OU riders in them. Freshman Amy Allen placed 6th, Junior Katie Martin placed 4th, Senior Lisa Bernheim placed 4th, Sophomore Chrissy Hunley placed 3rd (pointing into Intermediate!), Freshman Anna Duble placed 6th, Junior Megan Chalk placed 5th, and Freshman Molly Hill won!

Six OU riders were in Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter, all fairing excellently! Freshman Jenna Martin placed 4th, Junior Jacque Mayer placed 4th, Freshman Samm Kitchen placed 4th, Freshman Sara Katula placed 3rd, Freshman Lauren Carton placed 2nd, and Freshman Emily Neely won! Great job ladies!

In the only section of Walk/Trot, Freshman Alyssa Bower showed why she’s an asset to the team, easily winning the class!

At the end of the day, OUET was Reserve High Point Team, Senior Lauren Huefner won High Point Rider with 12 points, and Junior Sara Dziegielewski is going straight to Nationals to compete for the Cacchione Cup! A great finish to a great regular season!

Regional Qualifiers!

We had an exciting weekend at Otterbein with a lot of activity! More to come on that in the next post, but we have big news!

The riders listed below have received enough points (through placings) to move into the next division up. These riders are then qualified to ride at Regionals. At Regionals, if a rider places first or second, they move onto Zones. This year, we are fortunate enough to not only have many Regional qualifiers, but Regionals is being held at Stonegate Farms! They will be held March 13th, time TBD.

Cassie Metzger

Courtnee Blake
Megan Chalk
Anna Duble
Katie Martin
Sam Moffie

Novice Flat:
Stephanie Framer
Chrissy Hunley
Danielle King
Carly Klose
Maddie Ray

Intermediate Flat:
Emily Laurel
Beckee Milton
Hallie Seiser

Open Flat:
Sara Dziegielewski
Lauren Huefner

Novice Fences:
Kari Besler
Stephanie Framer
Danielle King

Intermediate Fences:
Hallie Seiser

Open Fences:
Sara Dziegielewski

We can’t wait to compete with a record 21 rides! Let’s hope that the greatest number of people can make it to Zones!


Rent-A-Rider was an idea from several years ago that the team decided to revive. After talking to some of our Alumni who mentioned what a great success and how much fun the event was, the team decided to put together a new version! Below are some photos showcasing the night!

Before the auction, some of the girls

Behind the scenes, Freshman Chelsey Cierebiej, Senior Kari Besler, and Junior Aleesha Tartell handle money and contact information

At the start, the girls line up to show what an attractive group we are!

First up, President and Senior, Brittany Smith!

Secretary and Junior Sara Dziegielewski

Thanks for the photos, Aleesha!

A huge success! The entire OUET is so very happy with how the night went and hopes that everyone had a great time! For those who weren’t there, members were auctioned off at prices between $25 to a huge $150! We can’t believe how well everything went and we fully intend on making this an annual event!

We have so many people to thank that it won’t fit into one status! But we are so thankful that we were able to put on such an astounding event and make it such a phenomenal time!

We’d like to thank The Union Bar & Grill for allowing us to use their space for the event and for providing great music! Everything was a smash success and we hope that they’ll allow us to host there again next year! If you get the chance, go to The Union and have a drink for us!

Thank you to The Post for featuring us yesterday! Check out the article that featured us! http://thepost.ohiou.edu/main.asp?SectionID=3&SubSectionID=5&ArticleID=33346&TM=35468.14

It helped to get us a lot of interest and bring new people to the event! Thanks so very much!

Thank you to our teammates, for being the announcers, the money handlers, the bidders, and the auctionees! Especially a huge thank you to Chrissy Hunley, Madeleine Ray, and Katie Montgomery! These three were unsurpassed in their dedication to the event and without them, the entire event would have fallen through. We owe them so very much for stepping up and making Rent A Rider everything that it was!

And finally, thank you to everyone who came out to support us! Without your support and bids, our team could not survive! We hope we raised our name in the community as well as gave everyone a really good time! You can’t imagine how thankful we are for our community support!

Miami Horse Show October 23-34, 2010

OUET had a great weekend! On Saturday in Oxford, the weather was beautiful save for a few splattering of raindrops. After a long day, OUET was named High Point Team of the day with Otterbein College in Reserve, and Miami in 3rd.

On Sunday, although OUET rode the best they could, they received 3rd. Miami University was named High Point Team and Otterbein College was Reserve again. Both teams rode extremely well and we are proud to have done as well as we did!

We were able to see many friends from our old region such as Ohio State University and Denison University. And we are excited to be in such a competitive region filled with amazing riders!

Below are results by rider.

Jasen Bernthisal is a new member, although being a Senior. He transferred to OU two years ago from Miami University where he rode on their team his freshman year. This marks his second show as a member of the OUET, the first being a rider in the Tournament of Champions in Maryland. On Saturday, Jasen placed 6th in Open Fences and 1st in Open Flat. On Sunday Jasen received 5th in Open Flat.

Colleen Boyle is a senior on the team. This is her second full year in Open and she’s working hard to capture a Cacchionne Cup! On Saturday she placed 5th in Open Fences and 3rd on Open Flat and on Sunday she received 5th in Open Fences and 5th in Open Flat!

Colleen on Lexus
Shown is Colleen on Saturday riding Lexus. Photo by Lisa Bernheim

Sara Dziegielewski is a Junior this year and returning for her second year on the team as an Open rider. She is also the team Secretary. On Saturday Sara placed 2nd in Open Fences and 3rd in Open Flat. After Saturday, Sara was leading the region for the Cacchionne Cup! On Sunday, Sara placed 6th in Open Fences and 3rd in Open Flat, but we are unsure of her current Cacchionne standing.
Sara D Saturday
Shown is Sara and her 2nd place ride Saturday. Photo by Lisa Bernheim

Emily Laurel is a Junior in her third year on the team. Saturday, Emily placed 4th in Intermediate Fences and did not flat. Sunday, Emily placed 5th in Intermediate Flat.
Shown is Emily Saturday in Intermediate Fences. Photo by Lisa Bernheim

Kari Besler is another Senior in her fourth year as an OUET member and also the Vice President. Saturday, Kari placed 6th in Novice Fences and 5th in Intermediate Flat. On Sunday, Kari placed 3rd in Novice Fences and pointed up into Intermediate Fences! In Intermediate Flat, Kari placed 5th. A huge congratulations to her!

Stephanie Framer in a Junior in her third year on the team. Originally a Saddleseat rider, Stephanie easily developed into a beautiful Equitation rider. On Saturday, Stephanie placed 4th in Novice Fences. Sunday Stephanie placed 3rd in Novice Fences and 5th in Novice Flat.

Brittany Smith is a Senior in her fourth year on the team and our President. Another Open rider, Brittany placed 4th in Open Flat Saturday and 6th on Sunday. In Open Fences, Brittany placed 4th.
Brittany is a great president
In between rides Brittany takes care of the team’s needs

Lauren Huefner is another Senior on the team in her fourth year as an OUET rider. On Saturday, Lauren won Open Flat and placed 6th on Sunday.

Carly Klose is a Sophomore and riding for her second year on OUET. She had her first weekend as a Novice rider. On Saturday, Carly won her class and placed 5th on Sunday.
Carly saturday indy
shown is Carly Saturday riding Indy

Hallie Seiser is another Senior in her fourth year on OUET. Hallie placed 2nd in Intermediate Flat on Saturday and pointed into Open Flat! A huge congratulations on that accomplishment! On Sunday, Hallie placed 3rd in Intermediate Fences!

Chrissy Hunley is a Sophomore in her second year on OUET. In her first Novice class, Chrissy Hunley placed 2nd! Great job Red!

Theresa Stockdale in a Junior and in her third year with OUET. In Novice on Saturday, Theresa won her class! Sunday she placed 6th.

Beckee Milton is a Senior in her fourth year as an OUET member. On Saturday she placed 3rd in Intermediate Flat.

Jacque Mayer is a Junior in her second year as an OUET member. Having never ridden before joining the team, she exemplifies what IHSA is about. Now in Beginning Walk/Trot/Canter, Jacque is improving every day. To prove that, Jacque went out and won her classes on both Saturday and Sunday! She did it for ‘mericuh.

Rachel Trame is a sophomore on the team in her second year on the team, having started mid-season last year. Saturday, Rachel placed 4th in Walk/Trot and proceeded that by winning her Walk/Trot class Sunday!
Rachel Trame
Rachel riding Sunday

Aleesha Tartell is a Junior in her first year on the team. This weekend marked her second show with OUET after showing at Tournament of Champions. On Saturday, Aleesha received 3rd, and on Sunday she received 2nd! A great start to her season!

Cassie Metzger is a Sophomore in her second year on the team, and a Walk/Trot rider. On Saturday and Sunday, Cassie placed 2nd in her Walk/Trot classes!

Katie Montgomery is a Senior in her second year on the team. Known as K-Mont, she placed 3rd in Novice Flat on Saturday and 6th on Sunday!

Lisa Bernheim is a Senior in her fourth year on OUET. Having started in Walk/Trot, Lisa is now a Novice rider. On Saturday, in her first Novice class, Lisa placed 1st!

Megan Chalk is a Junior in her third year on OUET. On Saturday, Megan won her Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter class and pointed into Novice!

Anna Duble is a Freshman on the team with an incredible work ethic. And it paid off as Anna won her Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter class on both days!
Anna excitedly tells friends and family about her well-deserved success

Katie Martin is a Junior in her third year on the team. If you recognize her name, it’s because K-Mart, as she is known, was the 2010 Walk/Trot National Champion! She accumulated several Walk/Trot/Canter points last year and after she won her Beginning Walk/Trot/Canter class on Saturday, she placed 2nd in her first Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter class! It’s looking like another great year for Katie!

Maddie Ray is a Sophomore in her second OUET year. In her Novice Flat class Saturday, Maddie placed 5th!

Danielle King is another Sophomore in her second OUET year. In Novice Flat on Sunday, DK won! Congratulations!

Sam Moffie is yet another Sophomore in the second year on OUET. On Sunday, Sam placed 6th in Advanced Walk/Trot Canter.

It was an extremely successful weekend for the OUET and we couldn’t be more proud of all our riders, old and new! Below are a few more photos from the weekend! Hope you enjoy!

L to R: Rachel Trame, Megan Chalk, Cassie Metzger, Beckee Milton, Katie Montgomery, Sam Moffie, and Chrissy Hunley pose while watching the show

Coach Karen walks the course with the Open Fence riders

During schooling Saturday, Coach Karen has a meeting with team members

L to R: Kari Besler, Stephanie Framer, and Hallie Seiser show off their jumping ribbons from Sunday

Teamwork is key on OUET! Beckee Milton lint rolls Brittany Smith before Brittany goes into her flat class.

Lisa Bernheim is typically the team photographer, so if you don’t recognize her face it’s because she’s always behind the lens! Here is Lisa showing some of the girls the photos she took of them.

L to R: Sara Dziegielewski, Anna Duble, Danielle King, Carly Klose, Sarah-Jo Adamson

Sarah-Jo Adamson rides in Intermediate Flat

L to R: Sara Dziegielewski, Hallie Seiser, Chrissy Hunley, Lauren Huefner, and Coach Karen watch some OUET riders

Miami University Horse Show

Ohio University Equestrian Team is excited to participate in our first regular season show this upcoming weekend of October 23rd & 24th. After a spectacular showing at the Preseason Classic Tournament of Champions in Baltimore, we are confident in our team and that we will have another successful year!

The show will be held at John W. Browne Equestrian Center in Oxford, Ohio. The address to the stables is 4976 Oxford-Trenton Road, Oxford, OH 45056. We hope that all of our OUET friends, family, alumni, and other supporters will attend this show if you are in the area!

Below is listed the members of the OUET that have been selected to attend the horse show!

Open Fences:
Colleen Boyle senior
Sara Dziegielewski junior
Brittany Smith senior
Jasen Bernthisel senior

Intermediate Fences:
Hallie Seiser senior
Emily Laurel junior

Novice Fences:
Stephanie Framer junior
Kari Besler senior
Beckee Milton senior

Open Flat:
Colleen Boyle senior
Sara Dziegielewski junior
Jasen Bernthisel senior
Brittany Smith senior
Lauren Huefner senior

Intermediate Flat:
Hallie Seiser senior
Kari Besler senior
Sarah-Jo Adamson senior
Beckee Milton senior
Emily Laurel junior

Novice Flat:
Stephanie Framer junior
Maddie Ray sophomore
Chrissy Hunley sophomore
Carly Klose sophomore
Katie Montgomery senior
Lisa Bernheim senior
Danielle King sophomore
Theresa Stockdale junior

Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter:
Anna Duble freshman
Megan Chalk junior
Sam Moffie sophomore

Beginning Walk/Trot/Canter:
Katie Martin junior
Jacque Mayer junior

Aleesha Tartell junior
Cassie Metzger sophomore
Rachel Trame sophomore

Results will be updated via twitter and later on the blog with photos and video!

If you’re coming to cheer us to victory, expect cold weather and bring a chair!

OUET Places 3rd at Zone 6 Championship

After a hard fought battle, Ohio University Equestrian Team placed 3rd behind University of Findlay and University of Kentucky, two well known and respected equestrian teams. Although not run in this order, the results are as follows:

    Individual Rides

Novice Fences:
Lauren Huefner – 4th place

Intermediate Flat:
Brittany Smith – 6th place

Novice Flat:
Hallie Seiser – 4th place

Chrissy Hunley – 3rd place

Katie Martin – 1st place
Courtnee Blake – 5th place

Katie Martin will be representing OUET at Nationals on May 7th in Lexington, Kentucky.

    Collegiate Cup:

Open Fences:
1st – Findlay
2nd – Brittany Smith (OU)
3rd – Kentucky
4th – Michigan State

Intermediate Fences:
1st – Findlay
2nd – Michigan State
3rd – Hallie Seiser (OU)
4th – Kentucky

Novice Fences:
1st – Findlay
2nd – Kentucky
3rd – Michigan State
4th – Kari Besler (OU)

Open Flat:
1st – Findlay
2nd – Kentucky
3rd – Michigan State
4th – Brittany Smith (OU)

Intermediate Flat:
1st – Findlay
2nd – Kentucky
3rd – Hallie Seiser (OU)
4th – Michigan State

Novice Flat:
1st – Findlay
2nd – Kentucky
3rd – Michigan State
4th – Chrissy Hunley (OU)

1st – Findlay
2nd – Katie Martin (OU)
3rd – Michigan State
4th – Kentucky

1st – Findlay
2nd – Rachel Trame (OU)
3rd – Michigan State
4th – Kentucky

With an impressive perfect score of 56 points, University of Findlay took the Championship. In Reserve Champion and also attending Nationals is University of Kentucky with 33 points. Finishing narrowly behind is the OUET with 32 points, and Michigan State with 31 points. We would like to wish a warm congratulations to both University of Findlay and University of Kentucky teams as well as all individual National Qualifiers.

Team Zones Riders

After much scrutiny and decision-making from our coaches, we have our Team Zones riders selected. These riders will compete at Findlay, Ohio in the Zone 6 Championship. We will compete against the University of Findlay, Michigan State University, and the University of Kentucky. The top two teams after all 8 classes will move on to Nationals in May.

Each class will only have 4 riders in it. There is only one section of each division and points from each rider will be counted. First place is 7 points, second is 5 points, third is 4 points, and fourth is 3 points.

All of these teams pose formidable competition and our riders look forward to the challenge. Congratulations to the following riders:

Open Flat: Brittany Smith (junior)
Open Fences: Brittany Smith (junior)
Intermediate Flat: Hallie Seiser (junior)
Intermediate Fences: Hallie Seiser (junior)
Novice Flat: Chrissy Hunley (freshman)
Novice Fences: Kari Besler (junior)
Walk/Trot/Canter: Katie Martin (sophomore)
Walk/Trot: Rachel Trame (freshman)

Click on a rider’s name for their personal biography! We expect great things and will be live-updating the results from our Twitter. So pay attention on April 11, 2010!

Also, to find out who qualified to Zones individually, click here!

Individual Zones Competitors

Region Champs

Ohio University Equestrian Team won Zone 6 Region 1 on February 14, 2010. However, not only will we be taking a full team of riders to Zones to compete against University of Kentucky, University of Findlay, and Michigan State University for the opportunity to go to Nationals, but six members of our team have also competed and qualified to ride individually at Zones on April 11, 2010 at Findlay University.

If these riders place 1st or 2nd, they will qualify individually to compete at Nationals in May at Kentucky Horse Park. Their classes at Zones will average 8-12 people.

Katie Martin and Courtnee Blake

Both sophomore Katie Martin and sophomore Courtnee Blake will ride in the Walk/Trot class. Freshman Chrissy Hunley will compete in the Walk/Trot/Canter class. In Novice Flat, working individually towards Nationals is junior Hallie Seiser. Junior Brittany Smith will make a strong showing in Intermediate Flat. And finally, in Novice Fences we are proud to have junior Lauren Huefner.

The Horses: Lewis


Name: Lewis
Age: 10
Breed: Irish Sporthorse
Height: 17hh
Divisions: Open Flat, Intermediate Flat, Novice Flat


Privately owned, Lewis belongs to freshman Chrissy Hunley. New to Stonegate this year, Lewis has proven to be a favorite lesson horse. He is a dream on the flat, willing to go in a frame and round, or hack out on the buckle.


Lewis is wonderful to ride, boasting a very comfortable canter. Over fences, he is not for the timid rider as he can get strong, quick, and a bit clumsy. However, ridden correctly, Lewis is a beautiful jumper with plenty of scope and potential to go higher.


We are lucky to have Lewis as an addition to our program and thank Chrissy for allowing us to use him!